Corinth Theatre-Arts 2016-17 season of Merriment and Mirth

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• “Doctor Dolittle”

Show times: June 2 at 7:30 pm | June 3 at 7:30 pm | June 4th at 2 pm

Here is a lovely version of the adventures of Dr. Dolittle, the gentle Englishmen who can talk to animals. All his furry and feathered friends are along for the ride including Jip, the dog; Dab-Dab, the duck; Chee-Chee, the monkey; Gub-Gub the pig; and, of course, Polynesia, the parrot; as well as a slew of seagulls, dolphins and sharks, and the unique two-headed creature, Pushmi–Pullyu. Audiences will follow Dr. Dolittle to Africa to cure a tribe of sick monkeys, watch him thwart a fierce band of greedy pirates, and join him on a mission to rescue Professor Long Arrow, a famous naturalist, on the volcanic island of Popsipetal. In between exotic adventures, there are also money troubles at home, precipitated by the tax collector’s greedy wife, that Sarah Dolittle, the doctor’s sister and housekeeper, can hardly deal with. Dr, Dolittle finally lands in court for a climactic trial with a surprising resolution. Craig Sodaro’s adaptation beautifully captures the whimsical humor and deep-felt love for all creatures of the Dolittle stories.

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